12 tips to increase post engagement and grow your audience

Instagram is definitely sweetheart for all social media users due to its popularity and unique features. There is no wonder that Instagram is the growth engine for the marketer as millions of people use this platform every day. If you are a brand and looking for growing your followers by increasing post engagement then look no further.

We have gathered some useful tips that rank up post engagement and you will be able to garner a massive following in no time. Let’s dive in, how to get followers on Instagram.buy instagram followers

How to get followers on Instagram:

If you are curious to learn about growth strategy on Instagram, read on!

  • Choose the right time to post e.g. post between 8 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 5 pm which is the best time to post. Also, post 2-3 times a day every week. It might help you to increase your post engagement and more people will tap follow button.
  • Don’t give them advice to people in your captions. Instead become a storyteller and write short stories in your caption, Instagram stories or live video.
  • Consider sharing user-generated content on your Instagram page that resonates with your niche. Mention the name of the creator and tag him/her also in the post.
  • Focus on your profile picture, profile bio, and style of your posts. Your first nine photos should be matched with the theme of your brand because when users land on your page, these first images make your impression.
  • Use Instagram stories to share your opinion, Q&A session, interact with your audience and stream your life. It is a great way to entice the audience and grow your following count.
  • Use captions with not only photos but with the videos too. A research conducted by Facebook shows that a video with caption gets 12 percent more engagement than those without.
  • Make videos that user can watch without sound because almost 80 percent of people watch videos with no sound.
  • Use all format of videos on Instagram i.e. 60-sec video, live video, and Instagram stories. People watch videos more than photos on the web. You can engage your non-followers through a variety of video formats.
  • Make loop videos or GIFs with the help of Instagram’ own app Boomerang. A lot of brands are using this medium to entice potential followers.
  • Use right hashtags with your posts to get more Instagram likes. Don’t use that tags which are not related to your brand or post. Nearly 91 percent brand on Instagram uses up to 7 hashtags with each post.
  • Use Instagram to boost your website traffic by adding your site link at the end of your bio description. Moreover, you can embed your Instagram post in your blog post to increase your followers.
  • Use filters and editing apps to make your picture unique and give it a depth. Almost 60 percent of the brand around the world use filters and third-party app to make their photos visually alluring. Use the same filter with each post to make a style pattern of all posts.

Author: Debra Whitehorn

Debra is student of MBA (Banking and Finance) in Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley. She loves to blog.