All You Need to Know about Pre-op diet for lap band

When you are undergoing gastric band surgery, you need to take calorie-controlled diet when it comes to losing weight prior to surgery. This diet helps to reduce the fat in your liver that leads to shrinking the liver. In gastric band surgery, your surgeon access the stomach to place the band around your stomach by pushing the liver to the side.

The weight loss and shrinking of liver lessen the risk of complications during the laparoscopic surgery. Reduce the dose of your medicine if you are diabetes patient but consult your doctor before reducing your medication. You should take the instruction from your surgeon about the medication you should take or avoid.

How the pre-op diet is important?

This diet is high in protein and low in fats and carbohydrates that help you not only lose weight and decrease the potential of bleeding during the laparoscopic surgery. Moreover, it helps you in the recovery process after the surgery and aid to muscle tissues intact. When you use this diet, it reduces the fat around the liver and consumes the stored fats as the source of energy instead of muscle fuel.

Pre-operative Diet for lap band

Pre-op diet is vital for lap band surgery but it can vary patient to patient. This diet can lower the size of the liver that makes the laparoscopic surgery easier and less intrusive. It can also seep duo the recovery process with less pain after the surgery. This diet also prepares the patient’s body for the surgical process. Moreover, it protects and preserves the muscle tissue by using the stored fat. This diet should be high in protein, mineral, and multivitamins.

But don’t forget to cut the fats and high carbohydrate food from your diet. It is typically advised that you should not take fatty meat, desserts, fried food, and sugary food items. This diet also depends on the size and type of the patient’s body. It is highly recommended that consult your surgeon for the pre-op diet according to your type of the body. You should start this diet a couple of weeks ago before the surgery. Adjust the medication with this diet if you are a diabetes patient. Continue this diet till your gastric lap surgery. The following are some instruction that helps you to lose weight before the surgery.

What to eat a pre-op diet for lap band:

  • Low fats and low-carbohydrate food
  • Lean meat, eggs, and vegetable soups
  • Minerals, multivitamins
  • Drink 64 ounces of water per day
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages
  • Take protein supplements
  • Take 3 meals in a day at regular intervals.

What to avoid pre-op diet for lap band:

  • Avoid the saturated fats that include fatty meat, whole milk products, and fried food.
  • Avoid food that is high in carbohydrate such as pasta, bread, potatoes
  • Avoid desserts and sweets
  • Cut the beverages that have sugar like soda, sweetened drinks, and sugary juices.


These tips of pre-op diet for lap band do not only help you to lose weight prior to surgery but also help your post-op diet transition after the surgery.

Author: Debra Whitehorn

Debra is student of MBA (Banking and Finance) in Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley. She loves to blog.