How Does Uber Promote Their Business through Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, also commonly known as online marketing, is the method of sponsoring and promoting various brands, businesses, products and service on the internet by the use of various traffic, sale and lead driving tools. In short we can say that internet marketing is the most economical technique to spread your business and reach the targeted market by the use of marketing ads and promotional sponsorships on the internet. You can use articles and posts to promote your business. Infographics can also be published that spread work about your products.

Uber is now a very popular name and is knows in most countries of the world. The main reason for their rapid was that they implemented a strong internet marketing campaign as they launched their service for the people. They used many different methods, from connecting people with their app to ads on the social media websites to reach their goal. As they were the first company to provide such a service, they quickly gained a lot of attention through their clever internet marketing strategies. Some of which are discussed below.

Intensive Development Strategy

With the use of intensive growth and development strategies, Uber used both the market penetration and market development strategies to grow the market shares for its company.

Market Penetration and Development

Uber started its service as a very simple and uncomplicated ride booking and sharing app which would connect cab drivers with their customers. With other conveniences and handy tools which the app presented its users with the low fare costs and promo codes made its customer base grow even faster and help build loyalty with the customers. Eventually the spread their brand in almost all major countries all around the world with new features added from time to time to improve their services.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great platform to spread the name of your brand through ads and promotional videos and sponsorships. You can easily get a lot of attraction and customers by publishing ads on websites like Youtube, Facebook etc. Uber also left their mark in the internet marketing revolving around social media. On Facebook, Uber created their page which quickly gained a lot of followers, standing on 8 million as of this date, they started announcing their latest deals and promo code on their page and broadcasted about different events.

This also helped them gain a foothold on the internet for their brand and provided their customers with a deeper connection to their brand. Uber’s Youtube channel also holds great importance in their internet marketing campaign, as being the largest video sharing website with its own separate benefits, Uber has a following of 88,500 users and they have posted over 990 videos. Their channel helped them market their channel to a whole new group of consumers and gain more attraction towards its name. The videos posted act both as an advertising asset as well as a way of engaging more with the customers.

Author: Debra Whitehorn

Debra is student of MBA (Banking and Finance) in Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley. She loves to blog.