Leaked Information: Nokia going for five rear cameras for its flagship phone

One of the new concepts of Nokia smart-phones has been leaked which shows that Nokia is going for a smart-phone which will have five rear cameras which sounds really weird but not that much because many smart-phones in the previous year have introduced multiple rear cameras. Double rear cameras are getting in common but now the Nokia is looking for the upper game which is by testing five rear cameras for its Nokia 9.

The information which was leaked shows that this Nokia smart-phone will take five shots simultaneously due to its five rear cameras and will also likely to capture 10 times more light as compared to normal rear cameras of a smart-phone. The specifications of the Nokia 9 are, the display size is about 5.99 inches which will have a fingerprint scanner under the screen, the processor will be Snapdragon 845 which is really good as many new smart-phones are going with this range of processors, there will be 6GB of RAM which is also enough for a good and fast smart-phone and the storage for the smart-phone will be 128 GB. Another good thing about this Nokia 9 is that there will be wireless charging which many good smart-phones still lack except the few. The Nokia 9 smart-phone will run an OS of Android One which will come with all the features that the Android One provides.

The date of launch is still not confirmed for this Nokia 9 smart-phone. We will see if this comes out to be real, if it does it will likely set a new trend of having multiple rear cameras which is already in the rise but if the Nokia provides good quality pictures than other smart-phones which are best in the camera then it will surely be a trend for other companies to adapt this characteristics of having more than two cameras behind the smart-phone.

As camera is main factor when it comes to buying a smart-phone. Many users prefer fast Operating system and good camera over any other thing in the smart-phone so this should be a real challenge for the Nokia by looking to introduce a different mobile phone which can be good trend setter for the rear cameras. There can be other amazing features which would be updated if the news of this mobile phone is that it will launched at a certain date.

May be in this year will be that the Nokia will introduce a mobile phone which will catch the eye of users who have been so long looking for an amazing Nokia mobile phone which can enough performance to compare it with other mobile phones which have been dominating the market for the last five years. It is no doubt that it does look weird when it comes to having multiple rear cameras of the mobile phone but it can be a good thing if Nokia pulls it out by having an equal compatible software which can support it.

Author: Debra Whitehorn

Debra is student of MBA (Banking and Finance) in Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley. She loves to blog.